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Government of Nepal

Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Water Resources Research and Development Centre




Water Resource Research and Development Centre (WRRDC) was established in 2015 AD (2072 BS) as stated in Organization and Management Report, 2072under the direct supervision of Secretary (the then secretary of Ministry of Irrigation) with the mandate for training, laboratory and research facilities. Now the center is under direct supervision of the Secretary (Water Resources and Irrigation) under the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation (MoEWRI).The general objectives of the WRRDC are to provide trainings to the employees under MoEWRI related to their job and to carry out study and research& development program as well as to provide laboratory facilities.

Specific Objectives

The main objectives of the WRRDC may be listed as below:

  • To develop training curriculum and training method for improving the standard of work performance of irrigation development and management, river control, disaster minimization and management projects.
  • To provide/organize short, medium and long term trainings to government employees of MoEWRI and its affiliated organizations under need basis.
  • To provide service entry trainings to new employees.
  • To develop design criteria of appropriate technology for irrigation projects, river control, landslide and water induced disaster minimization projects in co-ordination with respective organization.
  • To develop standards for quality control.
  • To carry out Environment protection and climate change studies/researches and share the results to stakeholders like DoWRI, GWRDB.
  • To organize trainings, seminars to irrigation water users.
  • To provide soil, material and water quality testing facilities for irrigation and disaster prevention projects and provide space for physical modeling of large projects under the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation (MoEWRI).
  • To conduct geological and geo-technical study of multipurpose irrigation projects, water induced disaster minimization and management projects.
  • To Prepare geological map, provide technical assistance related to geology as per request by other projects.
  • To monitor ground water quality, study and research of ground water pollution and formulate rules and regulation for its prevention.
  • To carry out study related to protection of irrigation structures in hills and mountains from flood and landslides.

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