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Research Project Name


स्थापनाकाल देखि आ.व.२०७७/७८ सम्म


System Efficiency Measurement,


Sitagung irrigation, Sunsari Morang Irrigation System


Bijayapur Irrigation Project (BIP)


Narayani Lift Irrigation Project (NLIP)


Khairi Chandanpur Kulo System Rajapur Irrigation Project


Narayani Irrigation System Block 5 and 6


Raghunathpur Branch-Western Main Canal: Kamala Hardinath Irrigation Management Division


Manushmara Irrigation System - Phase I, Sarlahi


Mountain Aquifers

Hard rock aquifers in hilly area of central region of Nepal (Dhading)


Hard Rock Aquifers in Hilly Area of Central Region of Nepal - Dolakha District


Hard Rock Aquifer of Jwalamukhi Area : Dhading District


Groundwater Exploration/

Geophysical Investigation

Tar Area, Chepetar, Gorkha, Turture, Tanahun, Kyorenitar, Dhadhing


Tar Area, Nepane ( Dudhauli) Sindhuli


Groundwater Assessment at Manukot, Byas Municipality, Tanahu


Groundwater Assessment at Baisepati, Banepa Municipality, Kavre


Geophysical Exploration of Spring, Puranchaur, Kaski


Assessment of Groundwater using Geophysical Survey at Humane, Indrasarobar Rural Municipality  Makawanpur District, Nepal


Zonation of groundwater recharge area for current and future period insight of land use land cover (LULC) and change in rainfall pattern in Pokhara Metropolitan City, Gandaki Province


Electrical Resistivity Tomography Survey to Identify Potential Groundwater Seepage in Mountain Reservoir, Dhap Dam


Assessment of Mountain Hydrogeology for Sustainable Exploration of Groundwater, Sindhupalchowk and Ramechhap


Geo-Physical (ERT) Investigation in Sikta Irrigation Project


Impact Study

Siwa Khola Irrigation Project, Chartapaha IP, Sewa Khola IP


Sorang ISP, Dhusatar Khatritar


Inventory and digitization

River Training Works in Budhi-Keshaliya River, Ratuwa-mawa River


River Training Works Teli, Morang


Spring Source Inventory in Bandipur and Okhaldhunga


River terrace deposits (TAR area) for irrigation purpose at Marshyandi River Watershed


River Bed/

River Course

River Course Shifting Detection of Khado River Aided by Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS Technique


Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Modelling in Kendra River basin


River Morphological Change (Flood Inudation) in Mohana River


River Bed Sedimentation and its Impact on Bagmati Irrigation System


River Bed Sedimentation at Bakraha river


Study of River Morphological Change Process with Respect to Climate Change of Narayani River


New Technology

Study of Ram Pump in Bhojpur


Study of Feasibility study of Solar lift irrigation at Chepe (Lamjung), Nuwagoun (Rolpa), Kiran nala(Banke), Ranisaruwa (Nuwakot)


Study of Viability of Solar Power in Ground Water Irrigation, Raniganj, Sarlahi



Landslide Susceptibility mapping and Probable Runout Zonation in Nakhu River Watershed


Post- earthquake hillslope evaluation considering Pseudo-static unsaturated slope and identification of probable debris flow affected area, Chandragiri


Landslide Initiation and runout susceptibility modelling in the context of hill cutting and rapid urbanization : a study from Budhanilkantha and Gokarneshwor Municipality


Preparation of Historical Rainfall-induced Landslide Catalogue in Nepal Himalaya


Rainfall- Induced Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Runout Zonation in Phewa Lake catchment , Kaski


Collection of Landslide data and its Characterization  in Nakhhu River Watershed,Lalitpur, Central Nepal


Collection of Landslide data and its Characterization at Kulekhani


Landslide Susceptibility mapping and Probable Runout Zonation in Nakhu River Watershed




Research on Sustainable harnessing of Mountain Aquifer in Nepal (SHoMAN)


Smart Irrigation System for Optimization of Water use and increasing crop yield (SISO-WAY)


Climate Change and Hydrology

Determination of silt factor of 12 rivers in Province 2


Physical model test at Godawari Lab


Settlement scale flood hazard mapping and vulnerability analysis of structures and lifelines: A pilot case study of Sauraha neighborhood, Chitwan


Impact of climate change in Bagmati, Kamala, Tinau, Babai, Bheri, Kankai river


आ.व. २०७८/७९ देखि



Mountain Aquifer Development को Investigation Deep Tubewell and pumping test सहितको अन्वेषणत्मक Drilling कार्य


Investigation of irrigation potential of hard-rock mountain system in middle hill region of Nepal ( Kavre )


Geotechnical parameters assessment of hills of Kathmandu Valley


Imaging and Investigation of groundwater potential using geophysical method


Zonation of groundwater recharge area for current and future period insight of land use land cover (LULC) and change in rainfall pattern (Urbanized city)


Assessment of Groundwater in Mountain Aquifers using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)/Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) in Dhading, Surkhet, Melamchi, Okhaldunga and Ramechhap


A Pilot Study on Securing Water and Land in the Kamala Basin in the perspective of Mountain Aquifer


Impact assessment of Khulekhani 1, 2 and 3 HEP on water resources management, watershed management associated with socioeconomic livelihood


Settlement-scale Flood Hazard Mapping and Vulnerability Analysis of Structures and Lifelines


Development of Landslide Vulnerability Curves to Assess Landslide Risk in Nepal


सम्भावित पहिरोको अनुमान तथा प्रक्षेपण सम्बन्धि नक्साकन रसुवा, गोर्खा, सिन्धुपाल्चोक जिल्लाहरू


Systematic flood vulnerability analysis of agricultural system: Development of novel concept and implication in the sourthern plains of Nepal


Research project on Baseline study of sediment management at Headworks and main canals of major irrigation projects.


Feasibiity Study on Use of Smart Irrigation Technology at Dhading

Calibration of flow control structure in irrigation system. ( Kamala Irrigation System)


Hydrologic and Hydraulic study at Banganga Irrigation System


विश्वविद्यालय तथा अध्ययन संस्थाहरुसंग सहकार्य गरी गरिने अध्ययन अनुसन्धान (Collaborative glacio-hydrological study of two river basins of Nepal)


बक्राहा नदीमा आवश्यक sensor, RLS, Data Logger, Communication System सहित Sediment Monitoring क्रस सेक्सन सर्भे गर्ने कार्य


Estimation of Mannings Roughness at Class Two Rivers of Nepal (Bagmati, Kamala & Kankai River)


Determination of Silt factor of river  beds (Province 1, Lumbini Province & Sudurpaschim Province of Nepal)


स्क्राप रवरटायरको प्रयोग गरि model slope protection कार्य


Development of Hydrologic model in Tamor River Basin



अन्वेषणात्मक Drilling कार्य अन्तर्गत मेलम्ची, सिन्धुपाल्चोक; पाख्रिबास, धनकुटा लिखु, नुवाकोट


जलविज्ञान विषयमा प्रोजेक्ट/थेसिस इन्टर्नशीप तथा शोधकर्ता परिचालन कार्यक्रम


Assessment of groundwater zonation in Terai belt of Kailali, kanchanpur, Bardiya and Banke district


Development of Probable Landslide Mapping and Forecast system in Province – 1


Spring inventory mapping and identification of probable groundwater potential zones in hilly region insight of mountain aquifer ( वटा)


Flood Hazard Vulnirability assessment for lifeline structures at Tinau


Inundation study and flood hazard mapping of flood prone areas in transboundary region


Impact study of climate change on crop water requirement  at Bagmati rivers


Estimation of Mannings roughness at  rivers in boulder reach


Study of water logging problem in Stage II, Block 6,7,8 of Mahakali Irrigation System


Performance evaluation, sustainability analysis,operation mechanish and management of lift irrigation system


Assessement of groundwater in mountain aquifier using electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) in Kathmandu, Sindhuli, Ramechhap and Dolakha Districs


System efficiency measurement of Praganna Kulo irrigation system


Study of sediment management techniques of major irrigation project including installation of sediment monitoring sensor


System efficiency measurement of Kankai irrigation system


Detailed survey and study of Gurje landslide and preparation of master plan for the countermeasures


Assessment of climate and land use/cover change impact on streamflow and sediment yield in Narayani basin, Nepal


Flow calibration of Koshi pump canal irrigation systems


Investigation of irrigation potential mountain aquifer system in the hilly region of Nepal insight of horizontal free flow wells


Regional back analysis of landslide events and runout zoning (Debris flow flume test, numerical simulation and application)


Impact study (Post Evaluation) of Tatle Makle Irrigation Project Panchkhal, Kavre


Physical modelling prototype preparation for one river


Impact study (Post Evaluation) of Kankai river training project, Jhapa


Impact assessement of YARSA GHATTE KHOLA IRRIGATION PROJECT, Baiteshwor VDC, Dolakha



Assessment of Groundwater Zonation in Terai belt of Dang, Kapilvastu, Rupandehi, West Nawalparasi, East Nawalparasi and Chitwan District


Installation of smart GW monitoring system to establish empirical relations between rainfall and GW level in hilly region for sustainable harnessing of Mountain aquifer


Design and Installation of Landslide Monitoring and Early Warning System


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