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जलस्रोत अनुसन्धान तथा विकास केन्द्र


S.N. Title Year
1 System Efficiency Improvement of Kiran Nala Lift Irrigation Project, Banke 2019
2 Study of River Morphological Change Process with Respect to Climate Change of Narayani River 2019
3 Landslide Susceptibility mapping and Probable Runout Zonation in Nakhu River Watershed 2019
4 Sustem Efficiency Measurement of Manushmara Irrigation System - Phase I, Sarlahi 2019
5 ground Water Exploration in Tar Area, Nepane ( Dudhauli) Sindhuli 2019
6 Post- earthquake hillslope evaluation considering Pseudo-static unsaturated slope and identification of probable debris flow affected are 2019
7  Training on Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) of Geophysical Exploration Method 2019
8 Geophysical Exploration of Spring, Puranchaur, Kaski 2019
9 Landslide Initiation and runout susceptibility modelling in the context of hill cutting and rapid urbanization : a study from Budhanilkantha and Gokarneshwor Municipality 2019
10 Assessment of Groundwater using Geophysical Survey at Humane, Indrasarobar Rural Municipality  Makawanpur District, Nepal 2019
11 Groundwater Assessment at Manukot, Byas Municipality, Tanahu 2019
12 Groundwater Assessment at Baisepati, Banepa Municipality, Kavrepalanchowk 2019
13 Report on " Study of Hard Rock Aquifer of Jwalamukhi Area : Dhading District" 2019
14 Study of River Bed Sedimentation and its Impact on Bagmati Irrigation System 2018
15 Collection of Landslide Data and its Characterization - Kulekhani Catchment 2018
16 System Efficency Evaluation of Khairi Chandanpur Kulo System Rajapur Irrigation Project 2018
17 System Efficiency Evaluation of Narayani Irrigation System Block 5 and 6 2018
18 Impact study of Siwa Khola Irrigation Project 2018
19 System Efficiency Evaluation of Raghunathpur Branch-Western Main Canal: Kamala Hardinath Irrigation Management Division 2018
20 Training on Hydrodynamic Modelling using HEC-RAS 2018
21 Study of Change in Ground Water Dynamics - Jhapa District 2018
22 Ground Water Exploration in Tar - Ratmate,Nuwakot 2018
23 River Morphological Change (Flood Inudation) in Mohana River 2018
24 Report on the Training Program on Basic Geographic Information System (GIS) 2018
25 Ground Water Exploration in Tar - Kyorenitar, Dhadhing 2018
26 Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Modelling in Kendra River basin 2018
27 River Bed Sedimentation at Bakraha river 2018
28 Impact of climate change in Bagmati, Kamala, Tinau, Babai, Kankai river 2017/2018
29 Intensive training course on landslide susceptibility modelling 2017
30 Efficiency measurement of Sitagung irrigation, Sunsari Morang Irrigation System 2017
31 Efficiency measurement of Bijayapur Irrigation Project (BIP) 2017
32 Efficiency measurement of Narayani Lift Irrigation Project (NLIP) 2017
33 Study of hard rock aquifers in hilly area of centra region of Nepal (Dhading District) 2017
34 Study of Hard Rock Aquifers in Hilly Area of Central Region of Nepal - Dolakha District 2017
35 Groundwater Exploration in Tar Area, Chepetar, Gorkha 2017
36 ISF Collection for sustainable operation and maintenance of irrigation systems 2017
37 Preparation of Inventory and Digitization of Existing River Training Works at Budhi-Keshaliya River 2017
38 Training on Landslide Susceptibility mapping : An application of GIS 2017
39 Orientation/Training for Newly Appointed Engineering Geologists, Hydrogeologist and Sociologists 2017
40 WUA Capacity Building Training, Indrawati Lift Irrigation Project, Kavre and Chepe Solar Lift Irrigation Project, Lamjung 2017
41 Groundwater Exploration in Tar Area of Turture, Tanahu District" 2017
42 Capacity Building Training for WUA of Bejini Dam Irrigation System 2017
43 Preparation of Inventory and Digitization of Existing River Training Works at Ratuwa-mawa River, Jhapa District 2017
44 Detail Feasibility Study of Chepe Solar Lift Irrigation Project, Dhamilikuwa-01, Lamjung 2017

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